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Meet some of the clients I had the privilege of helping find or sell their dream home.

We came to Hellen as a young couple  . Buying our first home was scary.

We didn't have much resource and many told us not to take the risk of debt at such an early stage. But we decided to take Hellen's advice and bought a small home in  the desirable neighborhood of the German Colony. Because of that, we can now afford to get a larger place for our expanding family!

I met Hellen recently at the supermarket and thanked her again

/// Marcha Kramer

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"I sold my house in Jerusalem with Hellen in order to move to Tel Aviv to be close to my children. When the time came to look for a property I felt very insecure. I don't know Tel Aviv and I had heard the market was a "jungle" there. I had come to rely on Hellen's judgement and I asked her to be my agent in Tel Aviv and help  me  with the search.

Hellen immediately introduced me to her colleagues and with their help could show me a wide variety of options. At the same time she shielded me from the agents

pressuring me to make hasty decisions, so that when I finally made my purchase I felt pleased with my choice.

Thank you Hellen for your guidance."

/// Ruth

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